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Splurge and Still Save with These 7 Tricks

It’s no secret that many people are in the habit of splurging without weighing in on their savings. And this is usually one of the main reasons why you find most end up being broke within a short period. But ever wonder why other people are extravagant spenders but still manage to save some money on the side? Well, it is not an impossible fete. You simply need to be smart in how you spend.

Many people with crazy spending habits tend to have a hard time paying of their loans. However you don’t need to be in bad books with wonderful creditors like Lendgreen due to your spending habits. In fact you can use your spending habit to pay your loans and save.

If you follow these carefully selected tips and tricks, you can also fall within this bracket.

1. Pro-style appliances

The best saving tip here is to try the house-parts recycling centers. You can pocket up to 50% to 75% of the original amount.

You just need to look for the house-arts recycling centers that have well-heeled zip codes. Take, for example, a multimillionaire buys a home. Chances are super-high that he/she is going to redo the kitchen, maybe even the whole interior of the house. And this means that some of the still new and reusable home appliances which the previous owner just installed a couple of years ago will be replaced. You can then sell these items, at the current owner’s consent and permission of course and make some good money off them. You will be getting some nearly new appliances which probably cost thousands for less than the retail price.

2. Stone countertops

Here, you can pocket anywhere between 20% and 50% buying square edge, stone-yard, or standard color remnants.

It would be incredibly awesome to knock off over $500 or even more of a granite countertop of about $2,500. You can do this by simply choosing a square edge instead of going for the bullnose or any other curved detail. Even the left-over scraps usually go for half of the initial price that they would have gone for which is also something.

3. Paneled wainscoting

You can save between 50% and 75% by just being creative with the stock moldings.

A custom wood-paneled wainscoting of 11- by 13-foot can easily range somewhere around $6,000, maybe even more. But you can sometimes find that a skilled carpenter creates pretty much the same look for something like $3,000. You will have saved an astounding $3,000 plus.

4. Plantings for privacy

Save between 30% and 50% purchasing container plants

You can always prune the overall cost of shrubs and trees by purchasing counter-sized specimens instead. These specimens go for less compared to the slightly taller and pricier bur-lapped and pricier plants. And the good thing about it is that the savings will multiply if the trees and shrubs are professionally planted. This is so because most landscapers usually base their fees on the plant’s cost.

5. Copper roofing

You can save anywhere between 25% and 35% using a prefab system instead

If you are looking for the ultimate luxury when it comes to roofing, then a copper roof is the way to go. Currently, a scrap of copper sells for up to $3 per pound. Which makes a new bay window of copper something between $2,500 and $3,500. But why go this route when you can knock off a whopping $1,000 off it by using a prefab roof?

6. Showpiece tub

Save up to 50% by skipping the jets or just salvage a claw-foot

Imagine saving about $2,000 for your new tub. As opposed to the whirlpool which was in fashion back then, most people now opt for the tub. They are easier to maintain and sanitize. The whirlpool model costs about $3,226. When the 6-foot drop-in soaker tub costs about $1,285. You will have saved a lot.

7. Marble subway tile

You can save up to 30% if you cut the tile yourself

Typically, you will come to realize that the smaller the tile, the higher its price tag is going to be when you purchase the square foot. But you can save a lot more by purchasing 12-by12-inch tiles and then cut them down to your preferred size yourself.


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