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Demystifying These Hilarious 10 Business Management Myths

When it comes to the way every businessperson chooses to manage his/her business, you will get a lot of varied opinions and answers. For one, it depends a lot on the type of business that you are running, the location, products, etc. There are countless factors that you need to consider to successfully manage your business.

That’s its very crucial for one to have the best business management consulting services and hence get all the facts right. However, it is from many varied business management consultants opinions that different myths about how a business ought to be managed have also come up. And if you are not too careful, you may end up leading your business down the drain by following them

Here is a short list of some of these business management myths that are currently circling around.

1. There is only one right way to manage or lead

Absolutely not true. In fact, you find that many successful businesses have gotten to where they are now simply because they chose to do something differently from the others. Otherwise, every business would be racking in billions of dollars in revenue now if there was only ‘one right way’ to go about management.

2. Robots are taking over our jobs

Nobody really knows what the arrival of new technology, and with it, Artificial Intelligence will do and how it will impact our jobs. In the real sense, everyone is guessing really. Who knows whether we need more robots or fewer?

3. Leadership tops management

When you think of leadership, you are in the business of ensuring a good and expensive game about your business. But with good management, you will be able to get things done on time, complete tasks, etc. that’s what a good manager does. In fact, there isn’t much difference between the two. Businesses need both, and the bosses in the businesses also need to exhibit both traits.

4. Be yourself

Sometimes just being yourself even when you have just stepped up to a new role doesn’t cut it. You will need to grow and work your way on how you can improve both yourself and the business. Be broad-minded instead.

5. People hate change

As a businessperson, know that people can always cope with change. Nothing stays the same forever. Notice how people buy new clothes, jewelry, move houses, etc. change happens all the time and people learn to cope and accept it.

6. Big data fixes everything

Again, not true. Whoever told you that numbers are everything when it comes to a business lied. Sometimes, and most times that is, judgment is usually needed. Don’t hide behind data. Nobody always gets information fast enough most of the time.

7. Bosses with the best strategies usually win

Don’t get this wrong, big ideas in any business are fine and welcome. But still, someone will still need to come up and put these ideas into practice, right? Your business might have average strategies but executes them very well. Trust this, even that can beat the best planners with no way of putting their strategies to play.

8. It’s tough to be on top

Yes, the competition gets a lot stiffer with the top leagues. But so does the benefits too. You will enjoy better pay, personal drivers, first-class flights, and hotels, etc. In fact, knowing this will make you think that it’s much tougher being down there.

9. Leaders are born, not made

Restricting yourself to this notion will ensure that you live the rest of your days following what your ‘leaders’ tell you. But if you are out to get it all like most people are, then you should know that anyone can better him/herself through learning and practice.

10. Annual appraisals also help in managing performance

As a businessperson, you need to know that management is an ongoing is not some annual punch-up session. You don’t need to wait for a whole year before you drop your appraisals.

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