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7 Uniquely Awesome Airbnb Rentals You Can Stay At

The summer season has arrived, and it is now officially vacation time. This is the period you can take all your work stresses and look for the best way you can quickly release all that steam and bad energy away. And one of the best ideas you can turn to and never live to regret is the Airbnb. And the only source you need so far is the internet. If you take your time and browse the interweb well enough, you will come across some pretty cool and downright magical rentals all ready for hire. Here are some unique Airbnb rentals you can book for your next vacation.

1. Bali, Indonesia

This Airbnb is just amazing with a design that looks like it’s been inspired by the surrounding jungle. And the dome is also made from natural materials. This rental looks to be a home away from home and can make you feel like you truly are one with nature. The residence is also equipped with a local water capture system and an eco-friendly composting toilet. On top of all that, the latest technology and the internet is also on the scene which allows you to post some of those jaw-dropping sceneries.

2. Akureyri, Iceland

The Akureyri is just a stunning and modernist architectural beauty. Found in Iceland, this Airbnb has breathtaking views that will just wow you of the remote Akureyri countryside. It is the perfect getaway if you are looking to have a romantic weekend away from all the drama.

3. Marrakesh, Morocco

This is also another perfect setting which is just perfect for a girls’ getaway during the summer. You will notice all the intricate details throughout the listing. The arabesque prints, romantic Juliet balconies, and arched doorways are all just breathtaking. It also comes with a private courtyard and a pool.

4. Andalusia, Spain

Here, you can even permit some creature comfort once or twice throughout your vacation. You will also benefit from the separate bathroom which has a working shower and toilet.

5. Apúlia, Italy

The Apúlia is a restored 19th-century Trullo which looks like it came from The Lord of the Rings set. It is characterized by high ceilings, thick walls, and distinctive upturned ice-cream cone-like turrets which are all unique to the Puglia area. You will also notice the flagstone times plus a cozy fireplace which will all enable you to experience an authentic country living.

6. California, U.S.

The very first thing you will notice is the fancy lighthouse. The interior could, however, do with an update. But otherwise, the unparalleled views of the coastline and crashing waves seem to make up for its basic design. You will also have full access to the whole grounds plus the Lighthouse Tower itself.

7. Georgia, U.S.

Here, you find the fairytale Treehouse. This Airbnb was only recently named one of the most wished for in the worldwide listing. Literally, all your Peter Pan dreams will be fulfilled here. The wireless internet is a must of course. Prepare for a rustic night and make sure you order pizza takeout and pack your board games before you doze off beneath the Atlanta stars.

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