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6 Lessons That Can Be Learned From The Movie: Home Alone

The Home Alone movie was a sequel that presented Kevin McCallister’s predicament as a child whose parents forgot him at home while traveling for the Christmas holidays to Paris. He had to keep their home safe from the burglars who had targeted it for a break in. If not for his ingenuity, smart, fast and creative thinking and not forgetting their perfect locksmith; the criminals would have been successful in their attempt. The following is a list of lessons we can take home with us from the film:

1. Exercise Relaxation Techniques In Situations That Prompt Stressful Emotions

The mere fact that criminals set their eyes on an individual’s house to steal from is stressful on its own. This is because even though their primary goal is to acquire valuables and leave, homeowners may get physically hurt in the process. Having to think about their intentions is stressful. The best thing to do in such situations is to avoid panic and try to think of the best solution. This should involve staying out of their way; say by hiding in a closet while reaching out to the authorities who will respond to the distress call.

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2. Come Up With A Plan

Preparing a plan of action is very important especially when there are children in the home. Kevin came up with one to frustrate the thieves’ efforts to proceed with their plan. He designated a safe location for himself which also allowed him to monitor their movements. This is a lesson learned in the sense that, having that safe space set aside is a necessity.

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3. Prepare A Route To Use To Escape

If the burglars know the safe space, this means the homeowners should have a way to leave the home without getting hurt because their safety is compromised. They could go out through a window or the back door if the burglars are located on the front side of the home.

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4. Practice The Plan

It is better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, having the conversation about what would happen in such a situation would welcome ideas on a plan of action. Once that has been established, practicing said plan to know how its execution will help in the long run. For instance, there can be a safe word to alert other family members of the presence of an intruder.

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5. Ensure The Home Security Is In Perfect Condition

Improving the security in a house is always beneficial to the individuals living there because they know they are still safe. Kevin kept the outside of the house well lit. This is a crucial take-home especially at the entry points to the house. The doors and windows should also be locked.

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6. Maintain Silence

By being quiet, this does not compromise an individual’s hiding spot. This ensures the burglar does not know where they are or whether they are in the home. This can help them dial for help and wait safely till the police get to the house.

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