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5 Types of Summer Camps for Kids with Disabilities or Behavioural Difficulties

Kids love summer camp, as long as they are tailored to their needs. If your child exhibits certain behavioural problems or disabilities, he or she may benefit greatly from attending a summer camp tailored to their needs. You just need to find a camp that is structured and set up for your child’s specific needs. Different kinds of summer camps abound. Therefore, you can find just the right camp to address certain behavioural problems or needs. Review the following camps for further details.

1. Arts Camps

You can find arts camps online that will allow your child to unleash his or her creative side. Whilst this camp is not designed specifically for children with behavioural issues, it will give such children the focus they need to be able to apply their creative side. If you child tends to be restless, this type of camp can help him or her foster an appreciation for art and give him or her the ability to excel in a craft. A good arts camp will feature the finest outdoor programmes and art classes for children ages 8 to 14. Some camps also offer overnight programmes. One art camp of note is the Hidden Valley Camp in Freedom, Maine, in the northern US.

2. Camps for Kids with Mental Retardation

If you child is mentally retarded, he or she can find a haven at a summer camp that features programmes for kids with such disabilities. This type of camp offers a traditional experience for children who function at various levels of retardation – from moderate to severe to profound. Therefore, any child who needs a summer camp experience can profit from attending this type of camp. One of the camps that offers this type of programme is Camp Anne in Ancramdale, New York in the US. For more information, you may find the resources at Camp White Pine to be useful.

3. Camps that Help Boys and Girls Develop Social Skills

Some summer camps also feature programmes for children who have trouble socializing with adults and kids. This type of camp usually provides an overnight programme for children ages 7 to 17 years old. If you want to ensure social success for you child, you can begin by enrolling him or her in this type of summer programme. At these camps, kids are shown the importance of interacting with one another as well as the importance of sharing. This is often done through competitive events and play activities.

4. Camps for Children with Special Needs

You can also help a child with special needs gain confidence by enrolling him or her in a summer camp that features this type of programme. Both kids and teens with special needs can make new friends and create summer memories that they will never forget.

5. Camps for Autistic Kids or Kids with Intellectual or Physical Disabilities

You can also find camps for children who have intellectual or physical disabilities, including those who have autism. This type of camp includes programmes that provide sleep aways or day camp activities. Some of the camps also provide year-round respite care for both children and adults, including those with autism or physical or learning difficulties.

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