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5 Things That Determine Success Or Failure Of Dental Implants

People lose teeth due to many different reasons. However, the loss of teeth does not mean that you cannot be able to have a beautiful set of teeth again. Using modern science people can have dental implants that will ensure that they can still have the beautiful smile that they once had. Dental Implants have revolutionized the dental health industry. However, there are cases when dental implants may end up not being as successful as they were intended to be. Below we will look at five things that determine the success or failure of dental implants.


A dental implant is generally an addition to the bone structure in your mouth. It is a requirement for an individual to have strong bones for them to have a successful dental implant surgery. However, if the person does not have the required bone strength, some procedures can be done to ensure the surgery is a success. There can be the implementation of bone grafting which can be used to strengthen the bone around the area that will have the implant. The grafting will ensure that bones are strong enough to hold the implant.



Smoking is a health concern across different fields and not only in the dental field. Smoking deteriorates the health of an individual as well as the healing process of the body. Smoking halves the chances of a successful implant. It is therefore important for people that engage in smoking to quit the practice before the surgery for about six months. For people that do not smoke, the chances of a successful dental implant surgery are quite high due to the functional immune system.



Diet for any given individual is very vital in maintaining good health. Good health is necessary for patients after they have taken part in surgery. It is important for patients to have a good diet so that the implant can have a good Osseointegration. Soft food is the most advisable because it does not strain the bone around the implant. The patient should also try and avoid chewing using the area of surgery for about three months or as the surgeon directs you to do. A balanced diet also goes a long way in ensuring the general health of the patient is in excellent condition.



Maintaining good hygiene is critical for any part of the body that is healing. The mouth is generally moist, and for this reason, bacteria can easily thrive in these conditions. It is good to exercise flossing, brushing and rinsing on a regular basis to ensure that you lower the risk of an infection.

Staging of the surgery



It is important for the surgeon to examine the anatomy of the patient before conducting an operation. Some individuals can easily heal with just one stage of surgery while others require multiple stages because they may not recover as quick.


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