Dec 8, 2016

It Looks Like That China’s Futuristic Elevated Bus Will Never Be (3 pics)

By on Thursday, December 08, 2016

The world was amazed to see China’s futuristic bust called Transit Elevated Bus (TEB-1) when the first testing was carried out on a 300-meter-long strip of road in Qinhuangdao. But apparently it was only a big fat scam as the bus is riddled with design flaws. And right after its first ‘test run’, investors asked their money back. One of the big problems with the bus is that it can cause accidents on the road because of its size and weight. The 22-meter-long vehicle is too heavy for the Chinese roads also known for its numerous sinkholes in the past.

So, now the 'straddling bus' creates another problem – it is currently sitting on a three lane road gathering dust and blocking traffic which has caused an outrage of the local residents who have to take this road daily.

Even two elderly security guards who watch over this technological ‘marvel’ claim that they were forgotten as well. They said they can’t contact the company managers who hired them to guard it…
So much for the progress…


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