Sep 19, 2016

A Girl Asked Her Hairdresser For Ombré Hair But Got Something Slightly Different (7 pics)

By on Monday, September 19, 2016

Joanna Huang, a 30-year-old from Taiwan, went to her usual hairdresser last week because she had been looking to change up her hairstyle for quite some time.
She asked her hairdresser to base her new hairstyle on the following two photos.

 “I didn’t think the perm was necessary,” Huang said. “But I didn’t want to say anything because I thought it would turn out fine.”

Her hairdresser then suggested she return the next day to bleach and dye her hair.
However, Huang said she did not like the way her hair looked after the perm, so she asked her hairdresser to finish styling it on the same day.
The entire process took nine and a half hours and cost about $170.

 And the results were…um, different.

Ultimately, Huang said she decided to ask her hairdresser to dye the top of her hair back to black, which he did for no extra charge.


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