Jul 29, 2016

It Looks Like Rio’s Olympic Village Isn’t Really Ready To Receive Athletes (26 pics)

By on Friday, July 29, 2016

The village looks nice from the outside and seems to be ok but appearances may be deceptive. After team Australia moved into their living quarters, they were faced with electricity, gas and plumbing problems and the overall cleanness was unsatisfactory. This caused them to move out and look for the hotels to stay at. There was a fire in the Dutch building and only 12 of the 31 buildings have passed safety inspections. And it is less than two weeks before the opening ceremony on August 5. Rio’s officials promised to do the necessary improvements before the games start. Let’s take a tour of the village and see what it looks like now. Rio's Olympic village is expected to host over 17,000 athletes from across the world.
The village has plenty of tennis courts, soccer fields, and other room for outdoor activities.

Signs outside the buildings make it easy to tell which country is staying where.

Australia's rooms are unoccupied, however. Its members are staying in hotels until Olympic officials can fix some plumbing problems.

The village looks quite nice from the outside.


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