May 19, 2016

Macabre Art Works Were Discovered In The Basement Of An Old London Townhouse (12 pics)

By on Thursday, May 19, 2016

These creepy and weird skeletons were found in a sealed basement beneath a London orphanage in 2006. There were also some old diaries and eerie artifacts. These crates with enigmatic relics belonged to a mysterious gentleman Thomas Theodore Merrylin born in England in 1782 and who had gathered this collection of specimens together "that challenged our understanding of nature; of species that had never been witnessed by the modern world, of objects which defied physical laws." Merrylin was a wealthy Crypto-naturalist who traveled across the world, searching for these illusive animals which hid in forgotten continents or darkened crevices, away from prying human eyes. The interesting thing about Merrylin is his apparent permanent youthfulness. Even in his 80's, he still resembled a 40 year old. Many believed he practiced dark arts to prolong his life...
Alex CF who studies these odd artifacts is the curator and custodian of the Merrylin Cryptid Collection believes this collection is real and says that there are tests that confirm it. Alex has been working for ten years analyzing and documenting these artifacts of curious origin and now wants to open a museum to showcase this collection.

We are not sure what to think about it, but we hope it's not true because vampires or werewolves are only cool on TV screen... Now take a look at these spooky creatures and specimens.


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