Feb 23, 2016

Old Russian Cold War ship turned into luxurious cruise ship (20 Pics)

By on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

One of the most threatening warships during the Cold War is now being used for luxury. A super-yacht that was built by the Soviets to spy on the United States and Britain is now being used as a holiday cruise ship.

The spy warship is the last of its kind and is known as La Sultana. It has since been remodeled to fit the luxurious life of a cruise ship. It even has an indoor swimming pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, and a helipad on board. The rooms are completed with marble bathrooms and wooden finish. The ship is 213 feet long and is now available for charter at 225,000 euros a week plus VAT, fees, and a tip for all employees on the ship.

La Sultana was originally named Aji Petri and was built in 1962 to be used as a Black Sea ferry. The ship carried passengers and cargo from Odessa, Sevastopol, Istanbul, and Yalta.
During the rising tensions in 1970, the Soviets had decided to send the six-deck vessel to the North Atlantic Ocean to be a part of the International Organization of Telecommunications for the unofficial job of spying on the United States and United Kingdom. After the fall of the USSR, the ship, which was one of twelve built for the Soviet fleet, had been assigned to the Bulgarian shipping company to become a passenger ferry between Istanbul and Yalta. It was then purchased by La Sultana Group in 2007 and was converted into a super-yacht to be used on international waters.

The inside of the ship includes original works from the Moroccan artists known as Jilali Gharbaoui. There is also a unique sculpture made up entirely of seashells that was once displayed in a Hermes shop in Paris.


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