Feb 24, 2016

Guy Used A GPS App To Track His Cycling

By on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wicked Witch of the West Coast (85.9 km, 3 h 24 min). The amount of area these drawings take up are truly remarkable.

Maze (76.7 km, 3 h 44 min). This one must have taken A LOT of planning. The route would have to exact so as not to screw up this puzzle.

T-Rex missing some teeth (39.4 km, 1 h 43 min). A dinosaur would be one of the first things I would draw.

Queen Victoria (15.7 km, 56 min). Both of them look equally unhappy.

The Mermaid of the Salish Sea (89.7 km, 4 h 13 min). I wonder how he decides what he is going to draw that day?

Darth Vader (46.3 km, 2h 17 min). It wouldn’t be complete without a Star Wars reference. He even had Vader burn his name into the map!

#15 Easter Bunny (75.5 km, 3 h 17 min). I knew the Easter Bunny was big, but I never expected this.

Dopey stegosaurus tramples Fernwood (44.4 km, 1 h 56 min). He is pretty irresponsible with where he puts these dinosaurs. They are wreaking havoc all over the place!

Thug plucks a gator by the tail from the Salish sea (89.7 km, 3 h 50 min). This guy must be in incredible shape. He does this stuff everyday!

Rio’s “Christ the Redeemer” (25.8 km, 1 h 20 min). He not only drew the statue, but he attempted to draw a small part of the city skyline it overlooks!

Alan’s Spirit Animal (26.3 km, 1 h 7 min). At least this animal doesn’t seem ready to terrorize the city.

Bicycling (Distance and time not specified). You had to see this one coming from a bicycling enthusiast.

Enormous orca breaches from Strait of Juan de Fuca (33.2 km, 1 h 35 min). I like how he made this one so it really does look like it is breaching out of the water.

Armadillo (Distance and time not specified). I don’t think you would find many of these in Canada.

T-Rex terrorizes Beacon Hill Park (37.3 km, 1 h 43 min). For being extinct, there certainly are a lot of dinosaurs roaming around this area.

Strava Yoda (25.6 km, 1 h 25 min). I’m quite disappointed he did not make this into Yoda speak.


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