Jan 2, 2016

How To Take Split-Landscape Style Photos Without Breaking The Bank (16 pics)

By on Saturday, January 02, 2016

Taking the perfect split-landscape style photo can be tough, especially if you don't have money to buy the necessary equipment. But even if you have a low budget you can still snap some impressive photos. This is how it's done.

I thought it would cost a fortune in camera equipment to take these photos. Thankfully, I was wrong

What you’ll need: Camera + Underwater housing ($200-500), Camera Dome from GoWorx ($300), Camera Handle ($20), Anti Fog Insert ($1)

All set up! The handle isn’t required but helps with stabilization

The alternative can cost anywhere from $1500-3000 for the dome alone

Start off by practicing in a swimming pool

It’s much easier to keep the dome level and above the water when there aren’t waves

The most challenging aspect can be keeping the top of your dome clear of water spots

When at the pool, it’s easy enough to dry off the dome with a paper towel

Keep your dome “spot free” using baby soap

This is a common method often used by scuba divers to keep their googles clear

And that’s it! Go capture some beautiful photos!

Once you figure out the basics, it’s possible for anyone to take beautiful underwater photos

All of the photos in this article were taken on my first day with the dome

Hope to see some from you soon!


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