Nov 23, 2015

Watch: California Man Leaves Tips 'For U.S. Citizens Only'

By on Monday, November 23, 2015

One California man's "tip" is causing hurt and outrage.

A California man is far from the first to cause hurt and pain to a server by using a restaurant check to unleash his prejudice and bigotry, but his "tip" certainly has caused hurt, pain, and now outrage.

A Redondo Beach server at the Bamboo Thai Bistro received no tip, and the words, "tip for U.S. citizens only" from a patron on his check. The server, a mother supporting two children, here from Thailand and in the United States legally working to obtain her green card, told her coworkers when she saw the check, fearing she had done something wrong.

A photo of the check was posted to Twitter, although the restaurant isn't sure how that happened – NBC Los Angeles reports they think another patron might have taken the photo. NBC contacted the man who left the "tip" but he hasn't responded.

Snopes, which investigates viral Internet stories, says most patrons accused of misdeeds who are innocent usually want to quickly clear their names, whereas this man (whom NCRM won't name) "has yet to address the rumor."

UPROXX notes the "customer’s inspiration remains unclear, but the situation is especially notable in light of the renewed anti-immigration focus from Donald Trump and other GOP members who, as President Obama said last week, are 'scared of widows and orphans.'"


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