Nov 5, 2015

TWISTED: Liberals Are Now Saying Charlie Brown and His Friends Are…

By on Thursday, November 05, 2015

 Is Charlie Brown a racist homophobe? So says Variety Magazine’s Chief International Film Critic, Peter Debruge.
In a recent review of the “The Peanuts Movie,” featuring Charlie Brown and his friends, Debruge said that the beloved Peanuts gang isn’t progressive enough and suggested that Charlie Brown have a non-white love interest instead of white bread Peppermint Patty.
“But a little modernization wouldn’t have hurt,” Debruge wrote, “especially in the diversity department. While Franklin remains Charlie Brown’s only brown friend, a non-white love interest would have been as progressive as Schulz’s tomboyish depiction of Peppermint Patty was back in the day.”

There are basically 17 characters in the Peanuts stories. One is a dog and another is a bird so that makes 15 people. According to our current society numbers, 1.95 of those characters should be black, 2.55 should be Hispanic and 9.3 of them should be white, non-Hispanic. I guess the other 1.13 characters would be Asian, Native American, etc.
So yeah, by today’s progressive standards the Peanuts gang isn’t quite diverse enough. There is only one person of color in the group, that’s true. But let’s look at it logically.
The Peanuts characters were created in 1950. These kids were all friends in the same neighborhood. Neighborhoods weren’t tremendously diverse back then. Even in the 70s in my neighborhood there were no black families. Not because they weren’t welcome but because black families all lived in one part of town.
So the ethnic breakdown of the Peanuts gang isn’t out of the norm for the time when it was created.
Notice there are no LGBT characters either. Not because they weren’t there in the 50s but because that particular status was kept hidden from public view back then.
The big question is – should the children of Charles Schultz be forced to succumb to political correctness and change the beloved, 65 year old comic strip gang and make it more diverse? I think not.

These kids are not racists. They’re a bunch of kids who live in the same fictional neighborhood. And that fictional neighborhood doesn’t need to change just to support progressive thinking.
Remember these guys? If the cartoon “Fat Albert” was still on TV would the Bill Cosby and the TV network put white kids in it Just to be politically correct? I’m guessing not.
Here’s some advice for those who believe “The Peanuts Movie” isn’t diverse enough… don’t go see it. Problem solved.


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