Nov 22, 2015

This Week’s Dumbest Meme From The Left Will Make You Want To Throw Up

By on Sunday, November 22, 2015

In response to legislators and GOP candidates calling for Barack Obama to halt his Syrian refugee program, the president is accusing them of being scared of women and children. But in light of the evolution of terror in the Middle East, why are we stopping at identifying only men as potential terrorists? …
It’s true…that many of the refugees are women and children, but this doesn’t mean they’re necessarily friendly. To make that assumption is to ignore the fact that jihadists use women and children in terrorist operations. …
Given these facts, how can our president continue to allow Syrian refugees into our country, even if they’re mostly women and children (and that is up for debate)? Remember the Boston Marathon bombers? They were refugees too, fleeing the Chechen conflict. They were “vetted” and, just like those who knew the terrorists in France, friends and associates said they never suspected these refugees were radical Islamists.

When Obama mocks those who want to protect our citizens from the bloody hell those innocent people suffered in France, he needs to be reminded of the true face of our enemy. It’s not just a man’s face. It’s a woman’s face. It’s a child’s face. This isn’t xenophobic or uncharitable. It’s reality.
The job of the federal government is not to play Mother Teresa to the world. Its primary job is to protect Americans from harm. If President Obama is not willing to step up and do that job—even when it means denying women and children access to our homeland—then he needs to step aside.
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