Nov 28, 2015

This Idiotic Tweet Proves Liberals Know Absolutely NOTHING About Basic Economics

By on Saturday, November 28, 2015

 Normally the tweet of some unknown economic illiterate wouldn’t be worth reporting, but the fact that it garnered a combined 21.8k likes on twitter, and 30k shares on Facebook (as of this writing), truly shows how little the modern left understands the basics of the Federal budget.

The tweet in question is below:
 God knows where our friend Luke got his numbers from, as they would imply that universal healthcare and “free” college could be a reality for a cost of $1.25 billion a year.
Roughly $63 billion was spent on tuition in 2012, and healthcare spending hit $3.8 trillion last year.
Unfortunately, I don’t think a 99.99% decline in the prices of healthcare and college will happen anytime soon.

As for the actual cost of Bernie’s proposals, Luke is only off by a factor of about 1800:
Who knows where the $30 billion cost for “a wall” comes from, but the cost of government assistance to illegal immigrants is $113 billion annually.
I think an investment that pays itself off in a little over 3 months may be Trump’s best so far.


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