Nov 21, 2015

The Perfect Consequence For Having an Obama Bumper Sticker

By on Saturday, November 21, 2015

Kimberly Morin reports eight more “Syrian refugees” have been arrested at a U.S. airport:
One of the concerns of people who are hesitant to let Syrians come to America is there may be those who are pretending to be a refugee who needs help but is really an Islamic extremist hell bent on murdering Americans. Unfortunately this is evidence that terrorists are indeed doing just that.

From Express UK:
EIGHT people have been arrested at Istanbul’s main airport hub amid fears they are Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists posing as refugees on their way to Germany. Police sources said one of the suspects had a hand-drawn picture of a planned route from Turkey to Germany, via Greece, Serbia and Hungary. It is believed the group are Islamic State militants planning to make their way to Germany posing as refugees. The arrests come after an ISIS terrorist bragged about how easy it was to smuggle thousands of covert jihadists into Europe under the guise of being a desperate refugee.
The Syrian operative claimed more than 4,000 covert ISIS gunmen had made it into western nations, hidden among innocent refugees. He said members of the blood-thirsty group were following the well-trodden route taken by refugees and migrants fleeing Syria, travelling across the border of Turkey then on to boats across to Greece and through Europe.

But, but, but the refugees are just innocent people who need help right?
This is another Trojan horse thanks to the Obama administration.
These people having been fighting civil wars for centuries. Suddenly the world cares about their refugees? Not one American life should be put at risk to bring over people who may actually be Islamic extremists, not one.


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