Nov 6, 2015

Straight out of fiction Inside the home of Sherlock Holmes

By on Friday, November 06, 2015

Have you ever wondered what would be like to be inside the residence where one of the most famous fictional detectives in the world and his room mate lived? If you are a Sherlock Holmes fan you probably know about this apartment, the starting place of almost all of Sherlock’s and Watson’s adventures. You can actually go inside it, in London, on the same legendary street often mentioned in the books.

The Sherlock Holmes Museum is a privately-run museum in London opened in 1990. It is dedicated to the celebrated 19th-century detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The museum is situated in Baker Street number 221b, the address of the fictional detective, although it actual address is between numbers 237 and 241.

The owners of the museum did a really good job at finding the right place. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is inside a Georgian four-story town house that was used as a boarding house from 1860 to 1936. This perfectly matches with the period of 1881 to 1904, the time when Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson were living on Baker Street as tenants of Mrs Hudson (according to the novels). The museum is run by a non-profit organization called “the Sherlock Holmes International Society”.

If you decide to visit, your experience will start on the Baker Street metro station,  where you will be immediately welcomed by the familiar silhouette of detective Holmes.


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