Nov 20, 2015

Report Exposes SHOCKING Truth About TSA and Airline Safety

By on Friday, November 20, 2015

Only days after the Paris terror attacks, it was reported that a man in Atlanta accidentally brought a gun onto a commercial flight. Put in other words, by failing to catch this, the TSA was just as oblivious as a man who accidentally carried a firearm onto a plane.
Following that story, Jeff Rossen of TODAY News decided to do his own experiment to test what he and his team could sneak past the TSA. Among the items they attempted to smuggle included a Swiss army knife, a blade longer than four inches, and scissors.
The results? In three of the four times Rossen and his crew were able to smuggle their items past the TSA – a disappointing 75% failure rate. One could charge that we can’t infer anything from such a small sample of attempts, but as Rossen noted, this is hardly the only evidence of the TSA’s failures.

Earlier this year, the Department of Homeland Security conducted an undercover test of the TSA, attempting to smuggle through fake explosives and banned weapons through the TSA. And the TSA’s success rate there? Only during three of the seventy attempts were they successful in finding the explosives or banned weapons – a 96% failure rate.
With a success rate like this, the TSA is all cost and no benefit. The TSA had a budget of $7.9 billion in 2014, employing 62,000 people. And the costs don’t end there.
There were 30,621 claims of theft against the TSA from 2010-2014. Video footage of TSA theft is as easy to find as typing “TSA theft” into Youtube. I wouldn’t be surprised if some people decided to choose driving over flying solely to avoid the TSA (and considering that you’re more likely to die in a car crash than a plane crash, this actually makes those individuals less safe). And don’t get me started on claims of sexual harassment by the TSA, which are all too common.
We already know the private sector to be vastly more efficient than the public sector, so why not privatize the TSA?

Such a model is already present in Israel and various European nations. Domestically, San Francisco International airport uses private screeners, and with much success. A 2007 study (by the TSA, by the way) found that private screeners were twice as effective at detecting fake bombs as TSA screeners. Private screeners also worked faster – processing 165 passengers for every 100 the TSA could.
The TSA isn’t effective according to the DHS – and when the TSA’s own studies from nearly nine years ago show that the private sector does a better job, privatizing the TSA is a necessary action that has been long overdue.


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