Nov 6, 2015

Politically Incorrect Cartoon NAILS Obama’s Incompetence

By on Friday, November 06, 2015

Bobby Jindal told Breitbart that immigration without assimilation is not immigration, it’s invasion:
Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, a strong contender in Iowa who surpassed amnesty advocate Jeb Bush in support, tells Breitbart News Daily “immigration without assimilation is not immigration; it’s an invasion.”

Executive chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon asked Jindal why assimilation is so critically important for where we stand as a country. The U.S. must make sure what happening in Europe doesn’t happen in America, Jindal said.
“One of the things that America is so proud of is, and rightfully so, we have been this melting pot for so long. The Left doesn’t want that anymore. They want to call us a salad bowl. They think it is culturally arrogant, or xenophobic, to insist that people that want to come to America to assimilate, and that’s nonsense,” said Jindal. “The reality is, we don’t make anybody come here. Millions of people all over the world want to come here, and folks that don’t want to be Americans shouldn’t come. And the reality is, they shouldn’t come and use our freedoms to undermine freedoms for other people.”
“Let’s be really honest about this: Immigration without assimilation is not immigration; it’s an invasion,” he said. “When you look at what’s happening in Europe, you’ve got second and third generation immigrants that don’t consider themselves parts of those societies, those cultures, those values. We mustn’t let that happen here.”

There are things we can do at home. Here at home — let’s get away from these hyphenated Americans. We’ve got a divider-in-chief in the White House. I’m tired of the “African-Americans,” the “Asian-Americans,” the rich and poor Americans. We’re all Americans. If we want a stronger immigration policy, one that makes our country stronger, not weaker — a smart one — we need to tell folks, if you want to come to our country, come here legally, learn English, adopt our values, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.
Jindal explained his parents arrived in the U.S. as legal immigrants. “They didn’t want to be dependent on government. That’s not what they came here for. They came here to work, and they came here to be Americans.”


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