Nov 3, 2015

Politically Incorrect Cartoon NAILS Media Double Standard

By on Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Breitbart reports on the media double standard:
“Morning Joe” co-host and former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough declared, “the mainstream media is going to have to realize that they are embarrassing themselves in 2015, because all they do is hire liberals” on Monday.
Scarborough said, “90% of the people that have moderated these debates over the past 50 years have never voted in a Republican primary, and as a Republican, after a while, you get sick and tired of it.”

Panelist Willie Geist agreed that such bias does come across in both the way questions are asked, and the topics that are emphasized, but that isn’t sure what the solution is.
Scarborough added that Democrats would object “if I were moderating the debate for you [Mike Barnicle] and other liberal in Massachusetts, and my first question is ‘Mike, do you know that at six months a little baby inside a mother’s womb has,’ and then I go into details about that. Do you really think you should stop a beating heart, Mike Barnicle, and murder the baby, and then harvest its organs? Do you really think that’s a good thing? Okay, and then that’s the first question, and the next question is, I do a set up about how somebody was slaughtered, and they didn’t have a gun because they had a five-day waiting period.”
After Barnicle said that presidential candidates shouldn’t be “so offended by debate moderators,” Scarborough requested to moderate debates in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Berkeley, California, and “Democrats would never put up with having you and me [Scarborough and Matt Lewis] and Charles Krauthammer moderate the next 20 Democratic debates over the next five years.”

Scarborough did say there were some “valid questions that the candidates just lied about.”
He then pointed out that even respected news anchors were liberals, and “we Republicans have been forced to define objective as people who are objective Democratic voters.”
Scarborough then asked who, aside from Brit Hume, has been a conservative and held a powerful position in mainstream media. 


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