Nov 1, 2015

Dumbest Idea of the Year: Man Creates New Kind of Gun

By on Sunday, November 01, 2015

 Two guys in Chicago have come up with what they believe is a brilliant idea for those who don’t want to own firearms.
They’ve created the ‘Salt Gun’. The basic premise is that you shoot a ‘salt’ pellet that is filled with a chemical compound that is supposed to ‘incapacitate’ a criminal.
From CNN Money:
Salt Supply Co. has designed a paintball-style gun that shoots pellets filled with pepper spray that rupture on impact. The Salt gun is designed to be a safe alternative to traditional firearms so that nobody gets killed, including children who might discover the gun and think it’s a toy, or a family member that’s mistaken for a burglar.

“We keep it in our nightstand because it’s not deadly, you don’t have to lock it up,” said CEO Adam Kennedy. “You should feel comfortable having this by your bed, because your kid can’t kill himself with this.”
Kennedy said that he co-founded the startup with his Chicago neighbor Andy McIntosh. Both men travel a lot for work and they don’t want to leave their wives alone and defenseless in a neighborhood where shootings are frequent. But their wives didn’t want guns in the house. So they came up with Salt.
These men clearly don’t love their wives very much or their children. Do they honestly think a 3 or 5 year old who accidentally shot one of these pepper rounds wouldn’t potentially die from it? Their lungs are a lot smaller than adults.
Studies have been done about the dangers of pepper spray which include serious adverse health effects, including death.
So while these guys think their product is completely safe if a child gets a hold of it, they’re wrong.
And what about using it against intruders? They use the example that if someone is trying to break down your door you simply shoot the salt gun at the door and when that violent criminal breaks through the door, this cloud will somehow stop him from going any further.
Did they take into account that not everyone is affected the same way by this type of thing? Or what about those hyped up on meth or cocaine?
And what happens if you don’t hear that intruder until he’s standing over your damn bed? Are their wives going to grab that useless salt gun from the night stand and incapacitate themselves along with their rapist?

This is one of the most outrageous and dangerous ‘defensive weapons’ I have ever seen.
As a woman, there’s no way in hell I would ever use this product.
If someone is breaking into my home or attacking me, I want to truly incapacitate them until the cops can get them, not shoot some stupid toy gun at them and HOPE it works and HOPE the ‘cloud’ doesn’t incapacitate myself or my family at the same time.
Instead of ‘Say Hello to Salt’ their theme should be ‘Say Hello to Stupid.’


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