Nov 23, 2015

Donald Trump Tweets Out Racist, Fake Graphic Showing Made-Up Murder Statistics (IMAGE)

By on Monday, November 23, 2015

Donald Trump just tweeted out some grossly inaccurate figures regarding race related homicides. On Sunday, the Republican presidential candidate sent out a picture on Twitter that painted a false image of the murder rate in the United States. The figures do not even closely resemble the numbers released annually by the FBI in the Unfiorm Crime Reports (UCR), the most accurate data available.
For one, the graphic shows that blacks murder 81% of white people. The reality is, blacks kill only 14% of murder victims. The picture also falsely states that blacks kill 97% of blacks, but the real number is 89.9%. While this is still a high figure, the reality is that it’s very similar to the percentage of whites that kill other white people (82.3%).
 The truth is, most murders are committed against members of the same race. Trump probably just doesn’t vet his statistics before passing them off as factual. While it’s fair to say a majority of people do this without fact-checking their sources first, Trump is no ordinary person. He’s currently leading all Republican presidential candidates in the polls. The fact that he could tweet out such horribly inaccurate information is disturbing – no wonder people believe this stuff.
There really should be no surprise here, though. This is what Trump does; he stirs up racial tensions. On Saturday, Trump was heard encouraging a crowd of his supporters to attack a black protester in the audience, saying “get him the hell out of here!” That’s when a throng of white people started getting particularly violent. It’s a shame to see things like this happen. It’s also why Trump needs to be called out on it each and every time. While it may sound somewhat redundant, calling Trump a racist all the time, it’s happening. It simply must not be overlooked. The stakes are too great in this election.


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