Nov 8, 2015

Brutally True Meme Perfectly Explains Socialism For Dummies On The Left

By on Sunday, November 08, 2015

From The Guardian:
Kshama Sawant may be the only elected politician in the US who thinks Bernie Sanders has compromised his socialist principles a little too much to win the White House.
Sawant, a Socialist Alternative party member of the Seattle city council who drew national attention last year by driving resistant fellow councillors to pass a $15-an-hour minimum wage law, was re-elected this week after an unusually nasty campaign which saw corporate money swing behind her Democratic opponent.
Sawant credited her victory in part to Sanders, for creating “enormous momentum” for change that has helped engage young people and alienated workers in politics.
“When was the last time you heard a presidential candidate say we need a political revolution against the billionaire class?” said Sawant. “That is not Hillary Clinton. That is not Barack Obama. That is clearly somebody who is fundamentally different.
“It’s absolutely true that Bernie Sanders putting these questions on the national agenda has really created, and will continue to create, enormous momentum.

“There were so many people who said: ‘I wasn’t paying that much attention to Seattle politics but I’ve been listening to Bernie Sanders’ politics. I’ve been so excited by his call for a political revolution against the millionaire class and I’m looking around me and thinking I need to get involved at a local level.’”
That led Sawant to the question of whether it is enough to propel Sanders into the White House – a prospect few political pundits would put money on. Sawant agrees that it is unlikely but said the problem is not the Vermont senator’s policies or even the once toxic label of “socialist”. She said Sanders’ mistake was to run for the nomination of a capitalist party whose leadership will do all it can to stop him becoming its candidate.


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