Nov 22, 2015

Brutal Meme DESTROYS Obama’s Despicable Hypocrisy On Guns, Refugees

By on Sunday, November 22, 2015

From Daily Mail:
Five Syrian men who caused international alarm when they were stopped in Central America on their way to the United States were only caught because their flight was delayed, Daily Mail Online has learned exclusively.
If the last Avianca Airlines flight from San Jose, Costa Rica, to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, had not been held up on Tuesday, the men would have been free to travel on.
But it was so late they missed their connecting flight to the northern Honduras city of San Pedro Sula, just 20 miles from the border. From there they planned to cross into Guatemala and travel by land through Mexico to the United States.

The men are now not considered terrorists, Honduran officials told Daily Mail Online. Police spokesman Anibal Baca said they feared being pressed into service or kidnapped by ISIS and then set off on their perilous journey.
‘They are normal Syrians who left their country to escape the violence there,’ he said.
The men’s odyssey has highlighted glaring lapses in security that could potentially be exploited by ISIS and other terrorist groups.
They carefully planned their trip, spending five or six days in three different countries, Brazil, Argentina and Costa Rica, as they made their way north.
‘They didn’t want to arouse suspicion so made it look like they were tourists spending time in each place,’ a Honduran official involved in the case told Daily Mail Online. 


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