Nov 9, 2015

Ben Carson Just Proved He Never Lied; Liberal Media In FULL RETREAT!

By on Monday, November 09, 2015

On Friday, the Leftist rag known as Politico ran a hit piece accusing 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson of lying about having been offered a full scholarship to West Point military academy in 1969.
Two days later, Carson struck back by offering indisputable evidence that he never lied.
Specifically, Politico claimed that a “full scholarship” to West Point does not exist. Yet according to the following photo posted to Facebook by Carson, it does — or at least it did back in 1969:
“Here is a copy of the material West Point used to recruit African American high school kids,” Carson wrote on Facebook. “Wouldn’t you know it. ‘Full Government Scholarship’ printed on the front page. I won’t hold my breathe for an apology. Shame on them.”
The shameless lies from the liberal mainstream media did not stop with Politico. Friday evening, the Wall Street Journalran a hit piece of its own, alleging that there was no evidence to back up a claim by Carson that he had to retake a psychology exam as per a hoax.
Fast forward to Sunday again, when Carson dropped yet another damning photo:
“Well here is the student newspaper account of the incident that occurred on January 14, 1970,” Carson wrote. “Will an apology be coming. I doubt it.”
In two fell swoops, Carson not only vindicated himself; he also proved without any doubt that the liberal mainstream media is FULL OF IT!
If liberal media charlatans had even a shred of honesty within them, they would STOP spewing lies about Carson and start investigating the litany of legitimate accusations against Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who actually lied on numerous occasions yet has still not been taken to task for her despicable behavior.
Alas, the liberal media is, at the end of the day, nothing but a joke!


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