Nov 7, 2015

Ben Carson Didn’t Lie; Leftist Rag Politico Did

By on Saturday, November 07, 2015

The vile and biased leftstream media went on the rampage on Friday, trying to take conservative Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson out of the race by smearing him as a liar.
A story in leftist rag Politico, part of the vast Democrat Media Complex, is claiming that Dr. Carson “admits fabricating West Point scholarship,” or so the headline goes.
But the truth is, it’s the leftstream media darling, Politico, that is lying and neither Ben Carson, nor his campaign, admitted anything resembling a lie.
And Politico knows it.

Their story begins this way (emphasis added):
Ben Carson’s campaign on Friday admitted, in a response to an inquiry from POLITICOthat a central point in his inspirational personal story was fabricated: his application and acceptance into the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.
The academy has occupied a central place in Carson’s tale for years. According to a story told in Carson’s book, “Gifted Hands,” the then-17 year old was introduced in 1969 to Gen. William Westmoreland, who had just ended his command of U.S. forces in Vietnam, and the two dined together. That meeting, according to Carson’s telling, was followed by a “full scholarship” to the military academy.
 West Point, however, has no record of Carson applying, much less being extended admission.
But did the Ben Carson presidential campaign really admit that Carson was lying? Not even close.
Here’s what Ben Carson’s campaign manager wrote to Politico in an email:
Dr. Carson was the top ROTC student in the City of Detroit. In that role he was invited to meet General Westmoreland. He believes it was at a banquet. He can’t remember with specificity their brief conversation but it centered around Dr. Carson’s performance as ROTC City Executive Officer. He was introduced to folks from West Point by his ROTC Supervisors. They told him they could help him get an appointment based on his grades and performance in ROTC. He considered it but in the end did not seek admission.

So Ben Carson never applied to West Point, but guess what — he never said that he did. Here’s what he wrote in his 1992 memoir, Gifted Hands, about the 1969 conversation he had with General William Westmoreland:
At the end of my twelfth grade I marched at the head of the Memorial Day parade. I felt so proud, my chest bursting with ribbons and braids of every kind. To make it more wonderful, We had important visitors that day. Two soldiers who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor in Viet Nam were present. More exciting to me, General William Westmoreland (very prominent in the Viet Nam war) attended with an impressive entourage. Afterward, Sgt. Hunt introduced me to General Westmoreland, and I had dinner with him and the Congressional Medal winners. Later I was offered a full scholarship to West Point. I didn’t refuse the scholarship outright, but I let them know that a military career wasn’t where I saw myself going.
Nowhere did Carson write, as Politico claims, that he actually applied at West Point. He apparently had a verbal conversation with the West Point folks, and decided to go into medicine instead. He never said that he applied to or attended West Point.
Politico is great at smearing Republicans with their own lies, especially the black conservatives. After all, The publication was pivotal in taking out (then) 2012 presidential frontrunner Herman Cain with a smear that was never substantiated.
But Politico has no interest in real lies, like Hillary Clinton standing over the graves of the four dead American Benghazi victims while repeating the lie that an obscure YouTube video caused the terrorist attacks.

They also have no interest in Obama’s volumes of lies, including but not limited to those told about Obamacare.
Hey Politico, did you ever dig up (or even try to) Obama’s college records in 2008 when he was running for the presidency? Did you even care about them?
I didn’t think so.
This kind of hatchet job on Dr. Ben Carson is a perfect example why more and more people are absolutely disgusted with the leftstream media — the propaganda arm of the Obama Regime and the Democrat Party.
Meanwhile, the Carson campaign told the Daily Caller that the Politico story is an “outright lie”:
“The campaign never ‘admitted to anything,’” a spokesman for Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson told The Daily Caller News Foundation in response to a hit by Politico claiming his campaign admitted to “fabricating” a key point about his West Point story.
“The Politico story is an outright Lie,” Doug Watts told TheDCNF.
Everyone knows who the real liar is, Politico, and it’s not Dr. Ben Carson. Retract your story before any ounce of credibility you have is gone. Not that you had much to start with.


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