Nov 13, 2015

Adam Savage Shares Photos From The Last Day Of Filming For MythBusters (13 pics)

By on Friday, November 13, 2015

It's been 12 years but the cast of "MythBusters" is finally saying goodbye. Adam Savage decided to document the last day of filming with photos and this is how it all went down.

Today is an intense day -- our LAST day of filming on @mythbusters. Let's do it together, shall we?
First, the cave, assembling crew gifts with chunks of something that exploded.
Then, the garage.
Checked in on my Cruiser. It'll be good as new any minute now. I'll miss her while I'm on tour.

Can't forget the doughnuts.
Picking up Dynamo Donuts for the MythBusters crew.
Ubering to M5 for the last time.
This is weird.

About 5 minutes after I put the doughnuts down.
The doughnuts were a hit.
My office at MythBusters.
Jamie and I go on tour tomorrow, so I had to clean my office out before I left. This is what it looks like now.
My office a few months ago.
I'm an idiot and forgot to take photos of my office before I cleaned it out. But this photo is from a few months ago. If you've seen my shop, you can imagine my office.
My primary desk.
There was just enough room on my primary desk for my laptop.
My second desk.
The second desk in my office held everything from props to clothes to tools to projects-in-progress.

I love packages. These are the last boxes I'll receive at MythBusters.
What was in those boxes.
Some reading for the MythBusters tour. I leave tomorrow morning.
Doing some final pick-ups for camera.
Last Blueprint Room with the Hyneman


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