Oct 12, 2015

What Voting Liberal REALLY Means For The Future Of America…

By on Monday, October 12, 2015

From Powerline:
Liberals pursue many policies that cause people to die. They release felons from prison, or never incarcerate them in the first place; they make war on the police, causing murder rates to spike; they impede the ability of pharmaceutical companies to bring life-saving drugs to market; they drive up the cost of energy, exposing the poor to dangerous temperature extremes; they promote gun-free zones that turn innocent people into sitting ducks; they pursue weak foreign policies that cause many thousands to be killed by tyrants and terrorists.

These are just a few obvious examples. Yet conservatives don’t call liberals murderers. We extend them the presumption of good faith. We debate policy, we don’t assert that liberals are pro-death. But liberals are not similarly fair-minded.  The latest case in point is Josh Marshall, proprietor of TPM, who tweeted:

 Yes: those who oppose gun control regulations that will be useless at best, and likely counter-productive, are “pro-massacre.” The low-information Left’s lack of self-awareness never ceases to amaze. …


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