Oct 27, 2015

Top Reasons why this Feminist meme is TRUE (4 Pics)

By on Tuesday, October 27, 2015

 Left wing feminists like to believe they are waging some noble war against a perceived ‘War on Women’ and truly believe in their ‘cause.’
Unfortunately, what they’ve really turned out to be is a bunch of whiny little girls who act more like Veruca Salt than grown women who want equality. And no, not the band, but the spoiled little brat from Willie Wonka.

The meme is THE most honest meme to describe feminists yet, and here are just some of the reasons why:
  • Whining about getting free birth control doesn’t make you equal, it makes you look pathetic. If you can choose to have sex, you can choose to pay for protecting yourself from getting pregnant. Oh, and birth control ISN’T A RIGHT. And for God’s sake, ask the guy to pay for your birth control rather than taxpayers or your employer.
  • Microaggressions. The word alone is a microaggression against common sense but if someone says something you don’t like, you either walk away, ignore them, or let them know. You don’t demand they be reprimanded. And you don’t demand a special little ‘safe zone’ because your fragile little ego may not be able to handle a differing opinion.
  • You may be a special little snowflake in your world but in the real world you’re supposed to be an adult. Act like one.
  • Women already earn equal pay. We have for years. Stop acting like we don’t. You look like uninformed, ignorant puppets of Democrats. Think for yourselves for a change.
  • If you want to work and have children that is your CHOICE, it is not up to the government to mandate parental leave for YOUR choice. If you don’t like your employer’s benefits, get a new job.
  • Patriarchy isn’t your problem. YOU are. While you’re screaming about the ‘patriarchy’ you look like little girls who have ‘Daddy issues.’ Take responsibility for your OWN lot in life and stop blaming men for anything bad that happens to you. And STOP demanding special treatment!
  • Planned Parenthood isn’t some wonderful organization that loves women. How many future women’s lives do you think they end every year? Not to mention they victimize young girls who have been victims and they actually fight against having safer and cleaner facilities for women.
  • You seem to hate men so much now that you have gone full circle and actually victimize THEM now. YOU are the bullies. YOU are the sexists who treat men as 2nd class citizens and fully expect the government to help you in your abuse.
  • You are hateful and hypocritical when a woman doesn’t agree with your left wing mantra. God forbid a woman think for herself. The National Organization for Women is nothing but a snot-nosed, whiny, left wing arm of the Democrat Party. TRUE feminism doesn’t attack women for having different ideologies.
  • The ONLY people victimizing you is YOU. You are not equal or independent if you continually claim to be a victim. Put on your big girl panties and ACT like an equal and independent woman and you’ll be treated as such. WHINING just shows you are still nothing but a little school girl who needs someone else to take care of her because you simply can’t handle taking care of yourself.
You are an embarrassment to the entire female gender. You are not feminists, you are femi-nut jobs. You ceased being useful to the human race when you demanded that you get special treatment above and beyond equal treatment.
You ceased being useful to the female gender when you started behaving in such a way that shows you are nothing but dependent little shills for Big Daddy Government.


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