Oct 31, 2015

This Week’s Dumbest Meme From The Left Might Be Popular, But It’s DEAD WRONG

By on Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Left’s explanation:
There is no difference between Muslim women wearing headscarves and Christian nuns wearing habits. The only difference is how others view them: Muslims are “oppressed” while nuns are “righteous.” Really, we should start seeing them as exactly the same.

What’s really going on:
The Left’s argument only works if we assume three things:
1. Muslim women don’t wear burkas, which also cover their faces (except the eyes).
2. Muslim women exercise free choice and voluntarily cover themselves up; No one else makes the decision for them.
3. There is no difference between Islam and Christianity; “Righteousness” is relative.
Since all three of these assumptions are false, so is the Left’s argument. The meme only makes sense if we ignore the truth.
What do you think of this?


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