Oct 17, 2015

This Store’s Sign Has Obama Voters FURIOUS! – Spread This

By on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Liberals claim to want “tolerance” but in fact they are EXTREMELY intolerant of everyone who believes differently than they do. Here are 33 recent examples of intolerant liberalism:
1. “Duck Dynasty”
2. HHS Continues to Force Americans to Support Products for Which They Have Ethical Objections
3. New Mexico Photographer Forced Out of Business for Declining to Photograph Same-Sex Wedding
4. Colorado Baker Forced to Make Gay Wedding Cake

5. NY Family Fined for Refusing to Host Same-Sex Wedding on Their Farm, Ordered to Undergo “Re-Education Classes”
6. Washington Florist Required to Serve Same-Sex Wedding
7. Christian T-Shirt Printer Ordered to Take “Diversity Training” for Refusing to Make Gay Pride Shirts
8. Gay Couple Sued Pennsylvania Wedding Venue for Refusing to Marry Them
9. Idaho Wedding Chapel Faced Fines for Refusing Gay Weddings, Before City Backed Off
10. State Laws to Protect Religious Freedom Under Attack
11. Gay Activist Groups Withdraw Support for ENDA Because It Protects Religious Freedom
12. Gordon College Under Attack After Its President Signs Letter Asking for Religious Freedom Protections in Obama’s Executive Order
13. Brendan Eich Forced Out at Mozilla for Supporting Traditional Marriage
14. Harvard Student Called for End to Tenure to Expel Conservative Professors
15. HGTV Cancels Benham Brothers Show
16. SunTrust Bank Cancels Benham Brothers Bank Account
17. NYT Reporter Says Traditional Marriage Supporters “Unworthy of Respect,” Deserve Incivility
18. Houston Mayor Subpeonas Pastor’s Sermons, Private Communication About Homosexuality
19. Wikipedia Editors Attempt to Remove Entry for the Federalist After Neil deGrasse Tyson Flap
20. Kickstarter Censors Fundraiser for Abortionist Gosnell Documentary
21. Philosophy Professor Says Global Warming Skeptics Should Be Imprisoned
22. Ezra Klein Criticized for Hiring Gay Man With Different Opinions Than Most Gays
23. Marquette University Trains Employees to Report Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage as Harrassment
24. Marquette Professor Suspended for Criticizing Teacher Who Will Not Allow Students to Voice Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage
25. Radical Feminist Conference Forced to Change Venues After Transgender Opposition
26. Christian Groups Booted From California College Campuses
27. “It’s OK to Hate Republicans,” University of Michigan Professor Wrote

28. Brandeis University Rescinded and Honorary Degree and Disinvited Ayaan Hirsi Ali
29. Brown University Disinvited Ray Kelly
30. Berkeley Students Attempted to Get Bill Maher Banned From Delivering a Commencement Address
31. Stanford Students Tried to Ban Ryan Anderson’s Appearance
32. Smith College Disinvited Christine Lagarde as Commencement Speaker
33. Azusa Pacific Disinvited Charles Murray


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