Oct 11, 2015


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You would think our armed service members would be allowed to carry their guns anywhere. Thanks to Obama they can’t carry them on bases or in recruiting offices.
And thanks to the anti-gun hysteria here in the U.S they can’t barely take them anywhere else. Which is so weird considering  they took an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and  for them to do that they need their gun on them.
In this maddening story a U.S. Navy soldier thought he and his gun were welcome at a local Waffle House. Turns out they don’t like guns and they told him either put your gun in the car or you’re going to have to leave.
The soldier left:
Eater.com writes:
This past weekend, an armed member of the U.S. Navy was denied service at a Waffle House restaurant in Kentucky. According to a local NBC station, when officer Billy Welch — who was in uniform — sat down for a meal at the Nicholasville location of the 24-hour chain, he was told he’d need to disarm or leave the restaurant.
Welch, who had his firearm holstered at his side when he walked in the door, was only asked to leave after he’d placed his order and the server noticed the gun. When she asked him to leave his gun outside, he refused. He later told the news station, “You know, if I can’t have my firearm, then I can’t be here. I walked inside to the other waitress. I said, ‘thank you, but no thank you ma’am. I’m gonna have to leave.'”
A witness took to Facebook to express his discontent at the incident.
Waffle House restaurants across the South are frequently the scenes of deadly or bizarre crimes involving guns, and at least one commenter noticed the irony in this Waffle House’s policy and actions. Laura Zolman wrote, “and if some crime took place there best is an armed military person who knows how to handle a weapon.”
Waffle House’s official policy bans guns from its restaurants with the exception of law enforcement.
The restaurant’s franchise owner released this statement: “For many years we have had a ‘No Firearms’ policy in place in our restaurants. We continue to believe this is the best policy for the safety of our customers and associates.” Reached by phone, Waffle House’s corporate communications department told Eater that this particular location was a franchised-owned location, and so the owner of this location may have been enforcing a slightly different rule. Waffle House’s official policy bans guns from its restaurants with the exception of law enforcement.
Open carry remains an issue in public places like restaurants across the U.S. While many states and cities ban guns from dining establishments, controversial gun-themed restaurants have popped up in recent years. Notably, the staff at Shooters Grill in Rifle, Colo. wear loaded guns as part of their work uniform. Outside of Las Vegas, Bullets and Burgers — a combination shooting range and restaurant — had to close after a 9-year-old student accidentally shot and killed an instructor. The restaurant has since resumed operations.
Our nation is so incredibly backwards it’s unbelievable.
Daily police are killed because of the color of their skin. Our men and women who vowed to protect us are stripped of their rights to protect themselves and the ones they love…
And meanwhile our Commander in Chief does nothing about any of it!
It’s a strange time to be an American.


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