Oct 22, 2015

THIS is The Hillary Clinton Poster We ALL Want to See

By on Thursday, October 22, 2015

TheBlaze explains why Hillary Clinton should be worried about prison, not polls:
Hillary Clinton schemed, lied repeatedly, and jeopardized national security in favor of her own selfish interests while secretary of state.
Of course, that’s not the gist you will get from the various media outlets sifting through the 7,000 emails the State Department released last night. The Clinton defenders will focus on some light-hearted moments, like an inquiry about gefilte fish, or the hurtful accusation that madame secretary sometimes watched Fox News while in flight.

This is all part of the Hillary misdirection playbook. The Clinton team will first try to spin this release as good news. If that fails, Hillary’s entourage of sycophants and enablers will hope to hide in a fog of confusion and media disinterest while this scandal blows over. They will doggedly cling to the “nothing marked classified” talking point, and claim this is much ado about nothing.
That’s all hogwash, every bit of it. We must hold Hillary accountable. The latest email dump only makes it more obvious that her transgressions were continuous, willful and reckless. As you dive deeper into the details, the stronger the case against Hillary becomes.
First on the list – there are in fact more classified messages, up to 188 from the previous 63. At this point, even the Clinton campaign admits classified information was stored on Hillary’s server. So yes, Hillary lied when she claimed back in March she never sent anyone classified material. That blanket statement has been modified with “classified at the time,” because there was a lot of classified in emails she sent and received – it’s just that they were classified “after.”
The problem for the Clinton camp is, that’s not how the national security classification system works. It’s the information – not the markings on the page – that makes it sensitive. Hillary is essentially claiming that, in almost 200 instances identified so far, she never thought what she was emailing necessitated a secure government system. To put it in plain parlance, she wouldn’t know classified information if it stared her in the face.
Once or twice is a mistake – 188 times is a policy. Hillary just didn’t care about classified information.
While incompetence may be an enticing excuse for Hillary and company, it also doesn’t stand up to scrutiny. Hillary was the secretary of state, and as such, she had an elevated obligation to protect classified information. She had a phalanx of lawyers and advisors to make sure she stayed well within the bounds of operational security, and had access to a secure email system whenever she wanted it.

In reality, her personal, homebrew server, not a secure government system, was her default choice. That meant that, instead of erring on the side of protecting national security data – even if that meant an abundance of caution – Hillary opted for absolute control over her own electronic records.
But it gets worse for Hillary. You see, as secretary of state she would have been engaged in diplomatic correspondence with senior officials from foreign governments. This sort of exchange is almost always, under all circumstances, classified. If she passed that over open channels to her staff, it’s a security violation. Negligence, not ignorance, would be Hillary’s only explanation for her failure to treat it as classified information.


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