Oct 22, 2015

The Perfect Illustration of What Happens If Socialism Wins

By on Thursday, October 22, 2015

There is no doubt that Bernie Sanders is creating a cultish excitement among the young and radically progressive. After the last debate Google reported that “Bernie Sanders” was the most searched name in America. Sanders’ call for radical political and economic change in our country is like catnip to college students and recent graduates who, like most young people starting out in life today, see little hope for advancement in Barack Obama’s economy.
Much like any politician promising a bridge where there is no river, the specious lure projected by Sanders that those who have not yet found their future can vote themselves into success, peppered with the mistaken notion that they have somehow stumbled onto a new and progressive social idea practiced successfully elsewhere around the world, is one of the greatest dangers this nation has ever faced.

Our reality is a world marked by growing violent extremism and an America threatened by a leviathan federal government which has mortgaged our children’s and grandchildren’s futures to the tune of $18 trillion in national debt and $84 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
Yet, the blinder-wearing, easily-influenced, unicorn-chasing supporters of Sanders seem to be less worried about their futures and more entranced by immediate gratification and the specious lure of legalized marijuana, LGBT equality, limiting free speech in the American electoral system, the myth that Americans can “fix” the climate of an entire planet by destroying capitalism, the lure of “free” education, breaking up banks instead of the overblown federal government, and the lie that single-payer health care is “free” and would give them something for nothing. In fact, the price tag of Sanders’ proposals alone is more than the total current, immoral national debt– nearly $20 trillion.
To soften the ugliness of socialism, Sanders supporters like to quip that the U.S. is already a socialist country because the military is funded by taxes, the federal government builds roads, or Social Security provides a safety net for seniors. These are all legitimate functions of the federal government authorized by the Constitution. The U.S. is a social democracy and its limited social programs are not manifestations of socialism. Socialism is defined as a system in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state, often described as “central planning.”
President Obama is enacting devastating Socialist and Marxist wealth redistribution policies and Bernie Sanders wants to build on those failures. ObamaCare is a good example – promising to provide cheaper health care for all but delivering instead an inflated entitlement, $2.6 trillion in additional debt, skyrocketing health care premiums, lower access to quality health care, increased deductibles, millions of people with individual plans losing their health insurance, millions losing their doctors, and more uninsured people as we had before this legislation. The ill-conceived legislation which had to first pass in order for America to see what was in it was and still is intended as a mere stepping stone to the catastrophe of single-payer health care. It had to be passed by deceiving Americans.

Even its co-author, Democratic Senator Tom Harkin admits the law doesn’t make health care more affordable and says we shouldn’t have passed it the way we did. Marx himself said that Socialism is merely a stepping stone to Communism. We are drifting far away from what the Founding Fathers of America established and our Constitution is being eroded while far too many of its citizens sit quietly like frogs in a slowly-heated pot of water.
Those brave enough to peek behind the curtain will find that with socialism, the cure is far worse than the illness. It has failed everywhere it has been tried, and it will continue to fail despite the best efforts of the Sanders campaign. The most recent failure is Euro-Socialism which is bankrupting the countries that blindly embraced it, resulting in more devastating unintended consequences including both social and economic upheaval and the inevitable demise of the ill-conceived European Union.


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