Oct 2, 2015

SHERIFF CLARKE: Blacks Have Been Enslaved For 60 Years On The ‘LIBERAL PLANTATION’ Thanks To The Media

By on Friday, October 02, 2015

The fact that the black community is being manipulated by the media is simply a fact.  The media in conjunction with the left have lied to the black community and kept them behind.  
The entitlement system in the country has kept blacks back and continues to keep them dependent and in slavery with “free stuff”.  Instead of encouraging personal responsibility the government has simply said let us take care of you.  They do this with policy and propaganda.

From Breitbart
Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s on “Hannity” during a discussion about Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson saying African-American’s have been manipulated by the media and politicians, Milwaukee Co., WI Sheriff David Clarke said the liberal mainstream media has become the Democrats lapdog that has kept American-Americans in “60 years of enslavement under Democrat control.”
Clarke said, “Bravo, Dr. Carson. Of course he’s right. The mainstream media in America has abandoned their constitutional duty really to be a government watchdog and be neutral in all of these things. Instead, they have become the propaganda wing, a lapdog, the public information office for the Democrat party, their liberal agenda and their leftist ideology.”
“Look the mainstream media, the liberal mainstream media refuses to tell and write the stories and the op-eds to inform blacks that after 60 years of enslavement under Democrat control there lives have not gotten better. This liberal mainstream media continues to not tell the story that under the first black president, the standard of living of blacks hasn’t gotten better. Poverty is worse and the schools have gotten worse. They can’t find meaningful work.”
He added, “The fact is one of the roles of the mainstream media, the liberal mainstream media, is to demonize and vilify people like Dr. Carson, like Allen West and Clarence Thomas because their voices will resonate in the black community. And that is their biggest fear because blacks will open their eyes and bolt from the liberal plantation.”

Black Americans have fallen farther into poverty since Obama has been president.  The fact remains that the Democrat party is the party of Jim Crow as well as the KKK.
History points this out but this fact has somehow been distorted so that blacks actually think the Republican party is against them.
Check your history.


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