Oct 20, 2015

Ridiculous Leftist GUN CONTROL MEME Shot Down

By on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

 Leave it to gun control addicts to use a literal war zone to claim that’s what would happen in the United States if more people had firearms.
Funny thing they don’t seem to care about so much about the ‘war zones’ that exist in the inner cities where their gun control insanity is in full effect.
Why? Because the reason inner cities are such a nightmare on many levels is specifically due to left wing policies. Admitting this would be to admit they are a failure.

Places like Kennesaw, Georgia actually put out a mandate requiring most heads of households to own firearms.
Of course, it wasn’t enforceable, but criminals had no idea who would actually own a firearm. They have an extremely low crime rate.
The United States has the most private gun ownership in the world yet we aren’t even near the top when it comes to being the most violent country. Not even close.
Gun haters simply can’t come up with ANY VALID REASONS for MORE gun control. Ever.
Put that in your gun control addict pipe and smoke it.


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