Oct 17, 2015

Politically Incorrect Cartoon Exposes Obama’s Foreign Policy For What it REALLY is

By on Saturday, October 17, 2015

Western Journalism reports on how Obama and Kerry are allowing the Russians to dictate American foreign policy:
Russian military forces supporting the dictatorship in Syria have focused their firepower on destroying forces equipped and trained by the United States, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

Up to 150 CIA-trained rebels have been killed by the Russians, a U.S. official told Fox.
“Our guys are fighting for their lives,” he said.
The accusation comes as the U.S. and Russian military officers are conducting video conferences to ensure flight safety by the countries forces in Syrian airspace.
Although the Obama administration has ceased training moderate Syrian rebels, airdrop of supplies and ammuntion continue, Fox reported.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Tuesday that “countering Russia’s involvement in Syria doesn’t rate nearly as high on the scale” as defeating ISIS.
Russia is not alone in its efforts to defend the Assad regime in Syria. Iran, Iranian-backed Hezbollah, and even possibly Cuba have all made contributions to Assad’s war effort, Fox reported.
Russia began bombing on Syria’s behalf on Sept. 30.
Two of the major players fighting against the Assad regime in Syria are avowed enemies of the United States: Al Qaeda’s al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.
However, according to the U.S. official interviewed by Fox News, Russia is not focusing the bulk of its airstrikes on ISIS but on American-allied forces. That would mean the United States and Russia are, in effect, fighting a proxy war in Syria.

Watch this Fox News special report:


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