Oct 21, 2015

One Liberal Admits It: Dems Are On The Losing Team!

By on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

 While the vast majority of liberals smugly assume that they run the country and are on the winning team, Voxliberal Matthew Yglesias sees things a tad differently.
Unlike his delusional peers, Yglesias acknowledges that we conservatives ostensibly control the country. Yes, we must suffer the indignities of a lunatic-liberal president, but we control the House, we control the Senate and we control the vast majority of state legislatures:

Furthermore, unlike liberals, who “are currently engaged in a slightly bizarre bidding war between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders,” most conservatives have already accepted GOP front-runner Donald Trump as our presumptive candidate.
Meanwhile, as Trump continues to build more support, Clinton and Sanders spend their time espousing plans so radical — such as the implementation of free education for everybody, including illegals — that they make President Barack Obama look like a moderate.
Most telling is the pompous belief by liberals that they have the 2016 election in the bag — that the GOP’s alleged “racism” and “bigotry” is destined to lead the bulk of Americans to vote for the “free stuff for everybody” party.

Like Yglesias wrote, “[T]he Democrats’ biggest disadvantage is simply their current smugness,” especially considering that the Democratic party is “[a] party that controls such a small share of elected offices around the country.”
It’s good that at least one liberal has finally figured out that he is on the losing team. Hopefully, and God willing, no other liberals will solve the puzzle, because the last thing we need in America is a bunch of enlightened liberals.
Plus, I’m looking forward to observing their shock when they most assuredly lose the 2016 presidential election!


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