Oct 30, 2015

Obama’s Latest “Criminal Justice Reform” Idea Is Beyond Stupid; It’s DANGEROUS!

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

President Barack Hussein Obama, aka the dumbest president in U.S. history, proposed earlier this week that local police officers drive through tough neighborhoods and essentially hand out ice cream to help drive away thugs.
“The police even bought two ice cream trucks with drug forfeiture money, and in the summer drove them into some neighborhoods where gangs had taken over and drug dealers were peddling on the streets, and otherwise the street was empty,” Obama said at the annual International Association of Chiefs of Police conference in Chicago on Tuesday.
“They drove those ice cream trucks, planted them there, and had police officers giving out free ice cream.  And suddenly the community started coming out, and the drug dealers started fading away.  All of a sudden the street corners where criminals were dealing drugs had police officers dishing out free chocolate chip.”
This allegedly occurred in Baltimore, though I imagine with great detail that Obama purposefully left out a bunch of pertinent details — such as the fact that, according to the The Baltimore Sun, the city just experienced its 31st killing of the month and 281st killing of the year.
How’s that ice cream working out for you, Barry?

According to Investor’s Business Daily, Obama also wants police officers across the nation to give minority thugs more “voice,” to treat minority thugs with more “dignity and respect” and to check their own “implicit” cultural and racial biases.

The Washington Post added that our Denier-in-Chief president believes “there is no evidence police officers in major cities have pulled back from enforcing the law out of concern they will come under fire for using harsh tactics.”
Keep in mind that FBI Chief James Comey said the exact opposite last week, when he explained that concern over offending minorities thugs has grown to severe that many cops are “reluctant to get out of their cars to do the work that controls violent crime.”
But hey, what does Obama care about REAL facts and REAL criminal justice!? Zip zero … apparently.


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