Oct 30, 2015

Obama Claims He Does Not Want to Take Your Guns; Here’s What History Shows

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

Obama is once again pushing for more gun control. The White House released another statement from him today claiming he wants ‘common sense’ gun laws. Of course, he doesn’t explain what those are.
Recently Obama touted Australia as a model for gun control which ended in outright gun bans and confiscation.
So when Obama says he doesn’t want to take our guns away, can he be trusted?

Some history on Obama’s lies.
From Breitbart:
President Barack Obama is a serial-liar of the first order. That is not partisanship talking, that is history and science. And when Obama says, as he did Tuesday in Chicago, I’m not going to “take everyone’s guns away,” that means he’s coming for them.
Did I mention Barack Obama is a liar? Not only is Obama a liar, this “not gunna-gunna” ploy is a tactic the President has effectively used many times before. It’s a two-pronged assault that requires the cooperation of his DC Media allies.
  1. By lying and saying he’s “not gunna,” Obama lulls his opponents into a false sense of security.
  2. By lying and saying he’s “not gunna,” it allows Obama’s DC Media allies to attack as liars and extremists those who say Obama will take their guns.
Let’s look at the science, shall we?
In summation, Obama said…
I’m not gunna force you to buy health insurance. He did.
I’m not gunna penalize you for not buying health insurance. He did.
I’m not gunna take away your health insurance. He did.
I’m not gunna take away your doctor. He did.
I’m not gunna unilaterally rewrite immigration law. He did.
I’m not gunna unilaterally ignore immigration law. He did.
And now we’re supposed to trust him when he says he’s not gunna take away our guns.
P.S. The DC Media is also covering up Hillary’s endorsement of Australia’s gun laws.  
Clearly Obama is the ‘liar-in-Chief’ and has been since day one and he and the media really want we, the people to believe he’s not going to try to take our guns away?
Obama has consistently lied to the American people day after day after day and suddenly anyone is supposed to believe him?

Obama’s biggest failure since being elected has been not passing more gun control laws that take the rights away from law-abiding citizens.
Obama doesn’t have to worry about HIS family, they have lifetime armed security. To Obama, the American people protecting their own families doesn’t matter.
It’s about gun control, not safety, not reducing gun violence and certainly not about common sense.
Do you believe him?


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