Oct 30, 2015

Mike Rowe Brilliantly Explains Why EVERY JOB Is A GOOD JOB

By on Friday, October 30, 2015

Earlier this week, renowned entrepreneur and TV star Mike Rowe issued an amazing rant on Facebook in which he explained why every single job is a good job.
Rowe was inspired to write the rant after a mother, Jane Ellen Brooks Smith, wrote to him about how her son’s friend felt embarrassed about training to become a welder (which inspired her the friend visit mikeroweWORKS.com).
Here is Rowe’s reply:
Our country is currently obsessed with determining the difference between a “good job” and a “bad job.” It’s hard to imagine a more absurd and self-defeating conversation, but there’s no denying the fact that we’re having having it. Indeed, we’re obsessed with it. Why? Because we have become convinced that the road to “job satisfaction” is dependent on the job itself.
This absurd fear of landing a “bad job,” (as though there is such a thing,) is affirmatively discouraging kids from pursuing a glut of good opportunities that actually exist. It also discouraging parents and school counselors from enthusiastically recommending those same opportunities. Even kids with the good sense and fortitude to ignore the noise – like your friend’s son – are still impacted by our stubborn refusal to pull our collective head from our collective ass.
Like any sane grown-up knows, one must crawl before one may walk.
Seriously – how is it possible with an economy this screwed up, for a kid to feel “embarrassed” by ANY career choice? How is possible, with 1.2 trillion dollars of student loans on the books, to feel “embarrassed” for NOT borrowing money to purchase a four-year degree? How is it possible, with so many able-bodied people not working, to feel “embarrassed” by choosing to learn a skill that’s actually in demand? We simply MUST eliminate the stigma currently attached to a host of worthwhile careers. If we don’t, we’ll get exactly what we deserve – a workforce with no balance, a crumbling infrastructure, a widening skills gap, and a country that can’t make or fix anything.
Indeed; beggars CANNOT be choosers.
That’s the extent of my rant, and the reason my foundation exists. Aside from awarding scholarships and some modest financial assistance, mikeroweWORKS mostly tries to challenge the thinking that would lead a kid to conclude that ANY job should lead to any measure of “embarrassment.”
I have no interest in discussing “dream” jobs or someone else’s idea of what a “good job” might be. We’re only interested in talking about real jobs and real work that still lead to real opportunity. And there is no better example of that today than a career in welding.
Please congratulate your friend for me, and their son. He should be on a recruiting poster.
*round of applause*
Have you ever worked a job that FELT like a “bad job,” but that you now realize was an amazing stepping stone toward something better?


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