Oct 22, 2015

Migrants Burn Their Own Tents Down Over 24 Hour Wait

By on Thursday, October 22, 2015

 Because they’re not being moved into Europe fast enough, migrants torched their own temporary tents and donated clothes in protest.
The blaze swept through a migrant camp in Brezice, Slobenia, set as a  demonstration of their disapproval at having to wait as long as one day to be registered, processed and transported – for free – to the Austrian border – ever closer to the heart of Europe, Breitbart is reporting.
Many protester in the camp were also complaining about lack of food, water and blankets and some were burning their donated clothes to keep warm.

Europe is beginning to close its borders to the flood of immigrants from the Middle East. The route from Croatia through Hungary was recently closed, so this route – through Slovenia to Austria – is the new route. More than 20,000 migrants have entered, hoping to take this route.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard in Greece is looking for a migrant board that capsized with 14 souls off the island of Samos in a heavy storm.
Last week, Hungarians closed their border with Croatia and Serbia, so migrants are taking the southwest-ward route through Slovenia. The Slovenian army has been called up but bottlenecks are beginning to develop, the rate if immigration isn’t slowing and winter is coming on.
Many of the migrants heading through the Western Balkans are trying to reach Germany, which is predicting an influx of at least 800,000 asylum seekers this year. Some estimates put the number at over a million.

Many of those will have their asylum bids rejected and a government spokesman confirmed on Wednesday that it was considering the use of military planes to help speed up the deportation process.
Almost all of them have Germany as their final destination, but Germans are increasingly worried about the influx. A recent poll showed the percentage of Germans who were “extremely worried” about the migrant situation rose from 40 percent three months ago to 54 percent today. Still, Chancellor Angela Merkel enjoys a startling 82 percent approval rating.


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