Oct 10, 2015

Middle Schooler Gets Suspended For Displaying His Patriotism

By on Saturday, October 10, 2015

Forget bullying and sexting, because the real problem facing our schools are all those pesky kids who dare to showcase their national pride on campus, or so Dexter McCarty Middle School principal John George apparently believes.
What else would explain his decision to hand an in-school suspension to eighth-grade student Alan Holmes, who according to Gresham, Oregon news station KATU did nothing more than wear the following patriotic Jeff Foxsworthy-branded t-shirt on behalf of fallen soldiers:
When the principal saw Holmes’ shirt, he reportedly demanded that the patriotic teen switch shirts immediately. Holmes bravely refused to comply, and for doing that, he got suspended.

Keep in mind that Holmes’ older brother served in the Marines and fought in Iraq.
“I was proud of him,” Holmes said. “I remember the day he came home and I was just so happy. I was little but I still remember it, he made me happy.”

“I was just upset,” Holmes continued in regard to his suspension. “I was heartbroken. My brother [who fought in the Marines], he means everything for me. Just being able to help and give back to the people who fought and died for us it just makes me feel good.”

According to the school’s dress code, however, students are prohibited from wearing clothes that promote violence. Unfortunately, Holmes’ t-shirt did in fact contain the image of a gun.
Still, though, considering all the REAL problems facing schools, you’d think they’d let something like this slide…


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