Oct 8, 2015

Meme Perfectly Reveals Obama’s Hypocrisy on Mass Shootings

By on Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Daily Caller reports that in 1999 after the tragic Columbine Shooting, Obama refused to support tougher prosecution for the school shooters:
In 1999, State Senator Barack Obama voted “present” on a bill that would require adult prosecution for discharging a gun in or near a school.

That legislation came as a response to the tragic Columbine High School shooting that year.
SB 759 provided that anyone 15 years of age or older charged with aggravated battery with a weapon in school or within 1,000 feet of a school would be charged as an adult.
It passed the Illinois State Senate in a 52-1 vote, with 5 members voting present — including Obama.
That vote followed a trend for the young lawmaker, whose controversial votes on crime legislation often raised eyebrows.

A Chicago Tribune editorial even accused Obama of being a “gutless sheep” for missing a vote on crime legislation in late 1999.
Who out there agrees with Obama being labeled a “gutless sheep”?


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