Oct 10, 2015

McCarthy Accused of Having Affair; But That’s Not The WORST Part (3 Pics)

By on Saturday, October 10, 2015

 As if it wasn’t bad enough that Kevin McCarthy has been accused of having an affair, the real shock should be WHERE the allegations came from.
The way that this story was broken was interesting, to say the least. Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia-style research tool, editable by anyone in the public domain, pages for both McCarthy and Ellmers had content posted to them accusing both of a long-running affair. It was. of course, subsequently deleted by Wiki.
The creepy part?
Well, you have to register an email address to modify/add/delete Wiki content, and you’ll never guess where they came from.
The Department of Homeland Security.

The New York Post Homeland Security said it was investigating the posts.
“DHS has immediately launched an investigation into this serious matter,” spokeswoman Marsha Catron told The Post. “If it is discovered that a DHS employee, using government property, is responsible for these alleged actions, immediate and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”
The changes on Wikipedia linked to an article posted on the news website GotNews alleging the two have had a long-running affair. The site reported that outgoing Speaker John Boehner had told McCarthy months ago to end the fling. Obviously, it doesn’t look like THAT happened.
Gotnews.com was investigating the affair early on and even received this little nasty-gram from an attorney:
 According to GotNews.com, Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC) had sent a letter Tuesday asking that any leadership candidate withdraw from the election “if there are any misdeeds he has committed since joining Congress that will embarrass himself.”
Flanked by his wife and colleagues Thursday, McCarthy batted away a question on whether the letter influenced his decision.
“No,” McCarthy said, shaking his head. “No. No. C’mon.”
Looks like this one is going down in flames.
Obviously, you cannot expect to get away with an affair FOREVER. Maybe a little while, but karma will catch up to you.
Boehner, of course, suspended the planned election. He needs time to hand pick another utter failure to his job.

The affair, if true, of course, would be appalling enough on it’s own. The fact that DHS *allegedly* had something to do with it – well, that is FAR more significant and a huge threat to our freedoms, both personal and as a nation.
Our liberties are not meant to be given up. Our Constitution is not debatable. We are supposed to be able to trust that the executive branch of government will not use it’s power to secretly attack lawmakers, judges and ordinary citizens.
Can you imagine the outrage if a Republican administration went after Nancy Pelosi like this?


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