Oct 9, 2015

Image Exposes TRUTH About Radical Muslims And Christians

By on Friday, October 09, 2015

 As anyone who follows our work knows the liberal / progressive brain is backwards in its thinking, which is what had led to many of the problems we see in our society today.
A progressive will call what’s evil good, and what’s good and right evil.
This picture explains it rather nicely
The Young Conservatives report:
Liberals consistently pander to radical Islamists, siding with some of the most evil individuals who walk the planet, committing acts so atrocious even the devil can’t believe his eyes.
Why do they do this?
Why are they so blind?
Because they have the delusional belief that evil doesn’t exist. No one is a bad person, just someone who is misunderstood, or frustrated about their life situation. No way someone could simply be a rotten apple. No sir.
This naiveté convinces them that perhaps if they’re nice enough to the poor misunderstood terrorist, he’ll stop being mean and chopping people’s heads off.

What they don’t get is that the reason they do this is because they believe their “god” calls them to do it. It’s written into the fabric of their belief system, and when they carry out these horrifying murders, they truly think they’re performing an act of worship to God.
You can’t negotiate with these kind of people, nor can you ideologically “hug out” with patience and kindness.
What’s sad is that liberals will fight tooth and nail all the live long day against Christians and Jews, those who aren’t out slaughtering people who won’t convert to their religion, yet the Muslims get a free pass.
One day, hopefully soon, the world will be fixed right side up again and this insane inversion of right and wrong will be corrected.


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