Oct 22, 2015

Half of Jeb Bush’s Wealth Comes From Companies He Gave Deals To as Governor

By on Thursday, October 22, 2015

 Jeb, Jeb, Jeb. When will you learn, my two-faced friend? People will eventually see your lies- there is no hiding from that.
Jeb Bush has practically made a career off of berating the Clinton family and everyone else for the so-called officials who trade on their connections.
He has assailed the revolving-door culture of Washington, calling for “a little bit of a recession” there to thin the ranks of the permanent political class. He has proposed a strict six-year ban on lobbying for departing members of the House and the Senate.

And he has shown little patience for the euphemisms of the Capitol, using derisive air quotes to describe “government relations” and “government affairs” experts.
 Those air quotes tho…
“It’s easy for elected officials to lay out standards of performance for others,” Mr. Bush said during a July speech in Tallahassee, where he worked for eight years as Florida’s governor. “But what are the high standards worth if they’re not applied to themselves?”
Yet a review of Mr. Bush’s finances shows that he has built his personal wealth with the help of companies that had business interests with Florida while he was governor, and that singled out his political expertise and government experience as important assets.

Roughly half of the $36.8 million he has earned since he left office in 2007 stems from such companies, according to campaign disclosures and government filings.
Oopsie, Jebby. I think you forgot to look at your own record before you tried to seem like you were not the same old career politico that you always have been. Americans are no longer for sale, and we aren’t about to elect some corporate puppet that has been having his pockets lined for decades.


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