Oct 21, 2015

FBI Report Released THIS Info…You Have To READ !

By on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Statistics just don’t lie, folks. This is just sad.
It feels like, to me at least, that the #blacklivesmatter movement, while probably INTENDED with noble purposes, has become a runaway train that is about to derail.
It has become a reason to take over mics at political events, to loot stores, to threaten the lives of police officers. It has gone too far.
You can say that #blacklivesmatter, but they don’t matter any more or any less than an Asian person, a Hispanic, or a White person. This is not a ‘greater than’ situation.

The heart of the issue is that ALL LIVES MATTER. ALL of them.
Reality of the situation? Breitbart reports staggering new statistics,stating on October 19 the FBI released a report which shows that 48,315 police officers were assaulted in the line of duty in 2014, and “28.3 percent” of the assaulted officers sustained injuries.
So, we are going to continue to allow the #blacklivesmatter movement to promote violent hashtags towards police officers?
The level of ridiculous that it has risen to at this point, is that when I see the hashtag #blacklivesmatter, I simply remove the ‘v’. #Blackliesmatter. Racial injustice may very well be an issue, but the folks I see promoting this issue are seeking out and ‘finding’ racial inequality- and I do not mean that in a good way. I mean that the so-called advocates are going out and causing trouble for themselves, blaming it on skin color, hence the moniker #blackliesmatter. Also #racecard. Maybe recognizing that things happen to you, not because you’re black, but because your an a**hole will be the first thing you can start changing.

The FBI report also showed that 45 officers died in the line of duty via accidents during 2014. Another 51 officers were killed in the line of duty “as a result of felonious acts.” Forty-six of the 51 officers killed were murdered with firearms in various situations.
For example, “11 were killed while answering disturbance calls, nine were conducting traffic pursuits/stops, seven were ambushed, seven were investigating suspicious persons or circumstances, five were conducting investigative activities (such as surveillances, searches, or interviews), four were killed in arrest situations, four were involved in tactical situations, and three were handling persons with mental illnesses, [and] one officer was killed in an unprovoked attack.”
The 51 was up from 27 killed as result of felonious actions in 2013 but down compared to the “five and ten-year comparisons.” In 2010 “56 officers” were killed “as a result of felonious acts” and in 2005 that figure was 55.

That is just sad.
If you really want to make a difference in the culture of America, try kindness. Try the golden rule. Try bringing those police officers a fresh batch of cookies, or the night shift a casserole for dinner. Hug a policeman if you see them in public. Ask how they are. They are human beings, just like us. They just have one of the scariest, most dangerous jobs on the planet.


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